Youths arrested over reckless driving on expressway granted bail

Originally published: 2 weeks ago 8

The five youths who were recently arrested on charges including reckless driving on the expressway have been granted bail by the Panadura Magistrate’s Court. 

The five persons, including the driver of the vehicle, were arrested by the Highway Traffic Police Division in connection with an offence committed by them on the 10th of April on the Southern Expressway.

The driver and another four persons were arrested in this connection and the driver has committed various offences such as neglectful driving and reckless driving, the police spokesman said.

In addition to that the other four persons, passengers of the car, had committed various offences under the Penal Code such as wrongful restrain and certain offences under National Thoroughfares Act.

The five suspects were arrested by the Highway Traffic Division of Sri Lanka Police on April 13 and produced before the magistrate while they were ordered remanded until today (April 22).

However, the suspects were today released on a personal bail of Rs 500,000.

In addition to that charges were also framed against the original owner of the vehicle in question, a resident of Kandy, and he has been fined Rs 5,000 by the court for not following the proper procedure in registering vehicles. 

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