President instructs to order sufficient vaccine stocks for third dose if needed

Originally published: 1 week ago 9

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has instructed officials to order necessary COVID vaccine stocks immediately if a third dose is also required, based on health recommendations and considering the global situation. 

Many of the world’s leading countries have already ordered vaccines for the third dose. The President pointed out the need for Sri Lanka to pay special attention to this and prepare for the administration of the third dose.

He stated that there is a massive demand for vaccines from all over the world and that discussions were held with the leaders of many countries to request their assistance to get more vaccines for Sri Lanka, in the midst of that competitive situation.

The President also pointed out the need to vaccinate all persons over 60 years of age and the close associates of infected patients already identified as soon as possible as a large number of vaccines have already been received so far.

At the same time, steps must also be taken to vaccinate all those suffering from non-communicable diseases, the President instructed.

Vaccination of more people can prevent the spread of Covid-19 epidemic and also prevent the condition of those infected from worsening, he said when the committee on Covid-19 control convened a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat this evening (10).  

He also stressed the importance of the vaccination programme being transparent and methodical. He said that the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) has developed special software to formalize the vaccination process and to collect the data of all vaccinated persons.

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