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National Council : Namal becomes Chairman of new committee

Member of Parliament Namal Rajapakse, appointed as the chairman of the National Council Sub-Committee on Identifying Priorities in Formulating Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Policies.

The name of SLPP MP Namal Rajapaksa for the post of Chairman was proposed by SLPP MP Sagara Kariyawasam, which was seconded by Member of Parliament Ali Sabri Raheem.

The members of the sub committee presented their opinions and suggestions on the formulation of state policies.

The members agreed to call the experts in the relevant fields before the sub-committee to get ideas and proposals related to modernization of public administration, modernization of health policies, modernization of education policies, modernization of fisheries and food policies, modernization of power and energy policies, and modernization of climate change policies.

According to those comments and suggestions, the sub-committee members agreed to submit short-term proposals within one-month, medium-term proposals within two months and long-term proposals within three months.

Minister Naseer Ahmed and Members of Parliament Pavitra Vanniarachchi, Sagara Kariyawasam, Vajira Abeywardena, Asanka Navaratne, Mano Ganesan, Ali Sabri Rahim, Johnston Fernando, A. L. M. Mr. Ataullah and Chief of Staff and Deputy Secretary General of the Parliament Mrs. Kushani Rohanadeera were present at the meeting. (Parliament)

While national policy reform is a top priority for #LKA it’s implementation has to be done in a systematic & sustainable way.Honored to Chair the Sub-Committee on Identifying the Priorities in Formulation of Short, Medium & Long-Term National Policies of the National Council.

— Namal Rajapaksa (@RajapaksaNamal) October 7, 2022


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